100WC week #33

Lucy needs to go to school because she needs an education so she can help raise money for her family. she is a child to and deserves an education, just like she deserves food. just because she has a bad leg doesn’t mean she shouldn’t  be able to go to school, she is just like any other child, she just has a problem with her leg, that’s not her fault. and if she doesn’t go to school now, when she grows up and has a family of her own, she wont be able to do anything because she didn’t go to school

100WC week #30 2014…but when i opened the cupboard door…

“okay girls the cookies are ready for tomorrow” said mum “they will be in the cupboard so do not touch them” she said again. “yummy” I said to my sister “I really want to try one” she replied. “hey I’ve got an idea” I said to her ” what, what!” she shouted “shh and I will tell you” I said in a whisper.

“shh” I whispered at her “we have to be really quite if we want to be able to sneak into the cupboard and grab some cookies” I whispered again. “were here” I said to my sister “yay cookies here we come” but when I opened the cupboard door there were no cookies.

100WC week #29 …but I couldn’t find the egg…

“Come on Lilli come on” screamed my little sisters “wake up” said one of my sisters whilst pulling my eyes open, “okay okay I’m up” I said with a laugh “go wait outside for me and then we will play hide and seek” I said to them “okay” they all chimed together while running out the door. I quickly got dressed then grabbed the Easter egg I bought my sisters, wrapped it and then hid it again. I ran down stairs and played hide and seek with them until it was time to give Easter eggs to each other. I ran up to my room and searched and searched for it but I couldn’t find the egg I ran down stairs to find my sisters holding it in their hands and when they saw me they screamed “surprise” we all laughed and ate chocolate till it was time to go to bed.

100WC week #28 …but I thought I had enough time…

“Jessica go put your clock back an hour it’s the end of daylight savings today” yelled mum from the laundry room her and my sister Taylor were taking care of our cat while she had babies, “ok mum I’ll do it in a minute” I yelled back. “Jessica come quickly” squealed Taylor “mittens just had the first baby” she squealed again, I am meant to be doing my English assignment, but I can’t miss that I thought. I looked at my clock and saw the time was 4:30 I’ll do it at 5:00 I said to myself, and hurried away.

“Ok time to do my homework” I said to myself, “Jessica time for dinner” yelled mum “what its only 5:00” I yelled back to mum “no its 6:00, did you forget to turn your clock back an hour?” she replied “oh no but I thought I had more time!” I said yelled.

100WC #27 i would like to be a night zookeeper because…

I would like to be a night zookeeper because I would love to see all of the magical animals awake and playing, I love seeing unique things and being a night zookeeper would be simply awesome, I would absolutely love to be a night zookeeper is because I would love to play all of the magical creatures and save them from the nilth.

It would be so awesome to see the magical animals that during the day are hidden from all humans, but at night do the most awesome things, and I would simply love to see them in action.

letter to government


Dear local government,

Have you realised how dangerous some of our footpaths are? Let me give you an example, one year ago me and my 92 year old grandmother were walking down the footpath when we tripped on an uneven slab of concrete, she fell over and got a nasty cut and because I was holding on to her and helping her walk she brought me down with her and I broke my wrist. SERIOUSLY we need to start thinking about our elders, I mean WE can handle a fall but elderly people could hurt themselves much more seriously much more easily. And it’s not just elderly people, what about little kids, kids that are just learning to walk, they could hurt themselves to, they aren’t that steady on their feet and if they fall they could really damage themselves. We don’t want a person to have to go through an accident because of people’s lousy job fixing the streets.  And it’s not like it’s something we can ignore we need to step up and start thinking about the people around us; younger, older, with disability’s, pregnant women and everyone else. We need to start to think about not only our safety and the people we love and care abouts safety, but everyone’s safety. Here are some things that         would make our footpaths safe;

  • Is there enough street lighting?
  • Are the footpaths wide enough?
  • Are all the slabs even with no big gaps?
  • Is the footpath clear of rubbish, pieces of tree and big objects?
  • Is it safe with no broken glass?
  • Can you be seen by others so that if you fall over and really hurt yourself you can get help?


Remember this is not just for the road works people, it’s for all of us, we all live in this community so we all need to help. So next time you see an unsafe branch or object that you can move, move it, not only will you be helping the environment, you will be saving someone from hurting themselves.

Yours sincerely


semester 1 goals

Short term goal:

my short term goal is to get better at my times tables and my math.

Long term goal:

my long term goal is to listen to others and to show more attentive listening, also I would like to work better in groups.

100WC week 20

I was lying on my bed in 40 degree heat when suddenly my phone rings “hello” I say “hey tom” says my friend James “what’s up” I say “nothing much except for my new camouflage fish”  he says getting louder and louder “what” I say suddenly confused “ come over and ill show it to you” he says excitedly.

I come over and I’m surprised to see my other friend Jake standing next to him come on he says and leads us over to a fish bowl we took a close look but all we could see was water and just as I was going to say he was lying out it popped.

100WC week 22#

As I walk quietly through the city holding my mother’s hand I started to look at the buildings, as this was my first time in the city, it was dark I didn’t get a very good look. The reason we were in the city was because there was meant to be a special magical house set up in the city so we came here to go and see it, but so far there has been no luck and we are just getting tired and hungry. Wait is that it? I can see a glowing thing wait that’s it that’s the house!

100WC week 23#

“Papa” I ask softly as we drive to the nursery “yes snow” he replied “how will we carry the worm farm” I say “we won’t” he smiled “then how will we bring them home?” I say surprised “you will see”

We are about to leave the store when a little tray is connected to the back of our small truck then the worm farm is lifted into it and we are off. When we arrive home I say “that was a very clever idea papa.”

After the worm farm is set up I watch the worms pushing through the earth.