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My Goals

Semester 1

Short term goal:

My short term goal is to get better at my times tables and my math.


I think I have a improved with my time tables, but I think I still need to know them so that if I get asked one I know the answer straight away. I think I have definitely improved my math, I can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, I can do the same with decimals and I can now convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Long term goal:

My long term goal is to listen to others and to show more attentive listening, also I would like to work better in groups.


I think I have been listening to others ideas a lot more and showing that, although I still think ii could let others do a little more talking and maybe let them figure it out and help them if they need it. I think that I have been working a lot better in groups but I might need to let others do things too.

Semester 2

Short term goal:

I would like to focus on getting my homework back on track and getting things done on time, a way I could do this is to maybe create a timetable and stick to it.

Long term goal:

My long term goal is to know my times tables really quick so I can answer immediately. A way I could do this is to practice every night.



Packaging questions

why is packaging necessary?

packaging is necessary because it keeps our food fresh and stay fresher for longer.

what packaging is most environmentally friendly? why?

i think cardboard or paper are the most environmentally friendly because it breaks down more easily than other packaging such as plastic, also because you can reuse it for craft projects or other things.

which packaging is the least environmentally friendly? why?

I think that plastic film is the least environmentally friendly type of packaging because it is a very strong plastic which makes it harder to break down unlike cardboard or paper.


100WC week #28 …but I thought I had enough time…

“Jessica go put your clock back an hour it’s the end of daylight savings today” yelled mum from the laundry room her and my sister Taylor were taking care of our cat while she had babies, “ok mum I’ll do it in a minute” I yelled back. “Jessica come quickly” squealed Taylor “mittens just had the first baby” she squealed again, I am meant to be doing my English assignment, but I can’t miss that I thought. I looked at my clock and saw the time was 4:30 I’ll do it at 5:00 I said to myself, and hurried away.

“Ok time to do my homework” I said to myself, “Jessica time for dinner” yelled mum “what its only 5:00” I yelled back to mum “no its 6:00, did you forget to turn your clock back an hour?” she replied “oh no but I thought I had more time!” I said yelled.

100WC #27 i would like to be a night zookeeper because…

I would like to be a night zookeeper because I would love to see all of the magical animals awake and playing, I love seeing unique things and being a night zookeeper would be simply awesome, I would absolutely love to be a night zookeeper is because I would love to play all of the magical creatures and save them from the nilth.

It would be so awesome to see the magical animals that during the day are hidden from all humans, but at night do the most awesome things, and I would simply love to see them in action.

100WC week 20

I was lying on my bed in 40 degree heat when suddenly my phone rings “hello” I say “hey tom” says my friend James “what’s up” I say “nothing much except for my new camouflage fish”  he says getting louder and louder “what” I say suddenly confused “ come over and ill show it to you” he says excitedly.

I come over and I’m surprised to see my other friend Jake standing next to him come on he says and leads us over to a fish bowl we took a close look but all we could see was water and just as I was going to say he was lying out it popped.

100WC week 22#

As I walk quietly through the city holding my mother’s hand I started to look at the buildings, as this was my first time in the city, it was dark I didn’t get a very good look. The reason we were in the city was because there was meant to be a special magical house set up in the city so we came here to go and see it, but so far there has been no luck and we are just getting tired and hungry. Wait is that it? I can see a glowing thing wait that’s it that’s the house!

letter of application

Dear Liz,

I would like to be in your class because I believe I would be able to bring laughter to the class and I can always find the fun in all work. I am also not afraid to express myself, ask questions and be inquisitive. I would be a great help because I am sensitive to others and I would always go out of my to help others whether they are grade 2 or 6, I would also be a great help to you. I am energetic but responsible. I will always do extra work and I am a fast learner that is always ready to learn new things.

I am organized, optimistic and positive and determined about everything.

One of my key skills are my reading skills, I can read 300 plus paged books. I also can read short and complicated year 7/8 books such as Chinese Cinderella, falling from grace and Hitler’s daughter.

I would love to be in your class simply because I am nearing the end of primary school and really want to make the most of it and work hard so I can make sure I am thoroughly prepared and organized.

Yours sincerely, Chloe.

my job your job

My job

Your job

        To listen and pay attention to the teacher

To do our work

To be at school at least 10 minutes before class starts

Bring appropriate food to school

To wear appropriate uniform

To care for other students

To be a good role model

To study hard and  be organized

  To make all students more mature and ready for high   school.

To tell and help us with our work.

To give clear instructions

To be organized and ready to go, before the students   get to class.

To care for all students and help them when work is   difficult.

To study hard so they can teach the children what   they know.

Classroom considerations

In 5/6 C we believe that we should model the school values of care, respect, collaboration and optimism. We can do this by treating each other the way we want to be treated. We will respect our workspace and ensure that we are organised. We will listen attentively to class discussions. Confidentiality is of utmost importance in our classroom community and as what is said in the classroom stays in the classroom.