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Literature circles reflection

name of book:

Gilbert’s ghost train


David Metzenthan

year published:



Varda- discussion director

Gavin-captain of comprehension

Imran- word watcher

Marley- tally master

Cindy- passage master

Chloe- connector

what worked well:

i think our group was very good we all enjoyed the book and could do our job easily.

considerations for the future: 

I think I would of liked another role but that is it

Extreme weather reflection

what I would change:

I would change how we used our time cause alot of times we were rushed.

research methods:

a research method I used was searching up key words instead of whole questions into Google. I also used prior knowledge and used websites from previous projects.

note taking:

when note taking I used dot points and only wrote key words or phrases down. I also paraphrased certain sentences for a better understanding.

how I worked with Gavin:

I think Gavin and I worked well together, we shared the work and found quite alot of information

format of presentation:

We are doing our presentation in a power point with a neat format.

work I completed:

The things I completed were writing up some of the power point, making the cue cards and answering some of the questions.

a snap shot in time

As I walked with all of the other 5/6’s along the bumpy and rough rocks I saw a crab in between two rocks, as I bent down to pick it up I was overwhelmed by the stench of the sea salt, I picked it up and I saw its hard bumpy shell, as I put it down I felt its two nippers pinch my skin, it tickled. After it finally let go it ran of, I heard the trickle of water coming down the rocks, as I took a deep breath in I tasted the salty sea water of the big blue sea.