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100WC week #6

“And it had an amazing golden star in the middle and” my best friend is just in the middle of explaining what she is seeing at the Melbourne show fireworks. The reason she is explaining to me is because I am blind, I have a cataract. I am due for an operation in a day but I don’t know whether it will work though.

One day later…

I am about to go into operation, I’m really nervous “good luck” says mum. I breathe in the sleeping gas and suddenly I’m asleep. After the operation I open my eyes and suddenly I was able to see again!

100WC week #37 2014

“come on Kristy” yells mum from the hall “were going to be late” complained my dad, ” I cant find my hair brush” I say “you can use your sister’s” dad yelled “no she cant” said my sister. we were meant to be going to Brazil to watch the world cup of soccer but didn’t look likely “ok I’m ready” I say walking into the hall “good now lets go!” says dad.


“I cant believe that we got kicked out of the soccer grounds!” said dad “well that’s what happens in Brazil when you argue with the umpires” says mum.

100WC week #35 2014

“Oh my god” said my friend “I got in, I got in to gateway” she screamed again while running around the living room. it was a cold, black rainy day, but to my friend Chelsea it was the best day ever. “I cant believe I got in” Chelsea said, Chelsea had wanted to go to gateway ever since she was five, she had waited 6 years and now she has finally made it. “congrats” I said enthusiastically, “chelsea your mum just called its time for you to go home” said my mum “well I better go” said Chelsea “see ya” I said “bye” she replied.

100WC week #33

Lucy needs to go to school because she needs an education so she can help raise money for her family. she is a child to and deserves an education, just like she deserves food. just because she has a bad leg doesn’t mean she shouldn’t  be able to go to school, she is just like any other child, she just has a problem with her leg, that’s not her fault. and if she doesn’t go to school now, when she grows up and has a family of her own, she wont be able to do anything because she didn’t go to school

100WC week #30 2014…but when i opened the cupboard door…

“okay girls the cookies are ready for tomorrow” said mum “they will be in the cupboard so do not touch them” she said again. “yummy” I said to my sister “I really want to try one” she replied. “hey I’ve got an idea” I said to her ” what, what!” she shouted “shh and I will tell you” I said in a whisper.

“shh” I whispered at her “we have to be really quite if we want to be able to sneak into the cupboard and grab some cookies” I whispered again. “were here” I said to my sister “yay cookies here we come” but when I opened the cupboard door there were no cookies.

100WC week #29 …but I couldn’t find the egg…

“Come on Lilli come on” screamed my little sisters “wake up” said one of my sisters whilst pulling my eyes open, “okay okay I’m up” I said with a laugh “go wait outside for me and then we will play hide and seek” I said to them “okay” they all chimed together while running out the door. I quickly got dressed then grabbed the Easter egg I bought my sisters, wrapped it and then hid it again. I ran down stairs and played hide and seek with them until it was time to give Easter eggs to each other. I ran up to my room and searched and searched for it but I couldn’t find the egg I ran down stairs to find my sisters holding it in their hands and when they saw me they screamed “surprise” we all laughed and ate chocolate till it was time to go to bed.

100WC week 23#

“Papa” I ask softly as we drive to the nursery “yes snow” he replied “how will we carry the worm farm” I say “we won’t” he smiled “then how will we bring them home?” I say surprised “you will see”

We are about to leave the store when a little tray is connected to the back of our small truck then the worm farm is lifted into it and we are off. When we arrive home I say “that was a very clever idea papa.”

After the worm farm is set up I watch the worms pushing through the earth.

100WC week 24#

Once upon a time there was two little brother pigs they lived in different houses. One day the big bad wolf walked past the little pig’s houses he snuck up to the first house and said “Oh little pig let me in its your grandmother” the little pig replied “oh yes sure granny” and opened the door. “agggggh it’s you again” slammed the door and ran to the other pig’s house. The big bad wolf tried to get in but he couldn’t so he bought a tractor, pulled the houses apart and said “dinner time” and ate them all up.

100 WC week 25#

Millie was a 10 year old girl with an older sister called Molly, Millie and Molly hated each other and were always playing mean tricks on each other, one day Molly came home with a box, “what’s that” Millie asked “it’s the latest thing” Molly replied, as she ran up the steps to her room. The next day after school Millie snuck into Molly’s room and grabbed the box she carried it quickly to her room but as she lifted the lid “ahhhgg” she screamed  as she pulled her hand away there sitting in the box was the biggest most slimiest frog ever, Molly had lied.

100WC “torcher tiger”

News flash: the Torcher Tiger is now on the loose once again.

“What’s that noise?” questioned Mark. ”it’s coming from the back of the truck” noted John “let’s check it out” they agreed. As they parked in a dark misty and deserted alleyway and opened the door they heard growling they fastened to a run. Before they opened the doors they exchanged worried glances, click the truck doors were now wide opened and all they could see was blood trickling slowly down the wall, then they saw two big yellow eyes and blood stained fangs they were never seen again.