100WC week #37 2014

“come on Kristy” yells mum from the hall “were going to be late” complained my dad, ” I cant find my hair brush” I say “you can use your sister’s” dad yelled “no she cant” said my sister. we were meant to be going to Brazil to watch the world cup of soccer but didn’t look likely “ok I’m ready” I say walking into the hall “good now lets go!” says dad.


“I cant believe that we got kicked out of the soccer grounds!” said dad “well that’s what happens in Brazil when you argue with the umpires” says mum.

One thought on “100WC week #37 2014

  1. Mrs Thomas

    Fancy going all the way to Brazil and getting kicked out of the game! I hope you managed to see another game. Well done for writing an interesting account. Try to check your capital letters and full stops as you have missed a few in this piece. Keep writing.


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