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1.       Kids that are given alcohol by their parents are more likely to become heavy drinkers ater on in life.

2.       Over a long period of time alcohol can cause:

  • Liver damage
  • Heart disease
  • Stomach problems
  • And even some types of cancer

3.       In your teen years your brain is growing constantly and alcohol can affect its development.


1.       When alcohol enters the body, it finds its way into the blood stream and is pumped throughout the body and towards the brain.

2.       Drinking alcohol can hurt 2 important parts of your brain, the Hippocampus and the Prefrontal Cortex. Damage to the Hippocampus can make it harder to store memories and to learn new things, damage to the Prefrontal Cortex can affect your decision making abilities.

3.       Your brain is made up of billions of tiny nerve cells that send messages around the body, alcohol interferes with these messages.


1.  What other areas of the brain does alcohol affect?

2.  Are there any types of alcohols that are not ok to drink?

Literature circles reflection

name of book:

Gilbert’s ghost train


David Metzenthan

year published:



Varda- discussion director

Gavin-captain of comprehension

Imran- word watcher

Marley- tally master

Cindy- passage master

Chloe- connector

what worked well:

i think our group was very good we all enjoyed the book and could do our job easily.

considerations for the future: 

I think I would of liked another role but that is it

Extreme weather reflection

what I would change:

I would change how we used our time cause alot of times we were rushed.

research methods:

a research method I used was searching up key words instead of whole questions into Google. I also used prior knowledge and used websites from previous projects.

note taking:

when note taking I used dot points and only wrote key words or phrases down. I also paraphrased certain sentences for a better understanding.

how I worked with Gavin:

I think Gavin and I worked well together, we shared the work and found quite alot of information

format of presentation:

We are doing our presentation in a power point with a neat format.

work I completed:

The things I completed were writing up some of the power point, making the cue cards and answering some of the questions.

100WC week #6

“And it had an amazing golden star in the middle and” my best friend is just in the middle of explaining what she is seeing at the Melbourne show fireworks. The reason she is explaining to me is because I am blind, I have a cataract. I am due for an operation in a day but I don’t know whether it will work though.

One day later…

I am about to go into operation, I’m really nervous “good luck” says mum. I breathe in the sleeping gas and suddenly I’m asleep. After the operation I open my eyes and suddenly I was able to see again!

My Goals

Semester 1

Short term goal:

My short term goal is to get better at my times tables and my math.


I think I have a improved with my time tables, but I think I still need to know them so that if I get asked one I know the answer straight away. I think I have definitely improved my math, I can add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions, I can do the same with decimals and I can now convert between fractions, decimals and percentages.

Long term goal:

My long term goal is to listen to others and to show more attentive listening, also I would like to work better in groups.


I think I have been listening to others ideas a lot more and showing that, although I still think ii could let others do a little more talking and maybe let them figure it out and help them if they need it. I think that I have been working a lot better in groups but I might need to let others do things too.

Semester 2

Short term goal:

I would like to focus on getting my homework back on track and getting things done on time, a way I could do this is to maybe create a timetable and stick to it.

Long term goal:

My long term goal is to know my times tables really quick so I can answer immediately. A way I could do this is to practice every night.



100WC week #37 2014

“come on Kristy” yells mum from the hall “were going to be late” complained my dad, ” I cant find my hair brush” I say “you can use your sister’s” dad yelled “no she cant” said my sister. we were meant to be going to Brazil to watch the world cup of soccer but didn’t look likely “ok I’m ready” I say walking into the hall “good now lets go!” says dad.


“I cant believe that we got kicked out of the soccer grounds!” said dad “well that’s what happens in Brazil when you argue with the umpires” says mum.

Packaging questions

why is packaging necessary?

packaging is necessary because it keeps our food fresh and stay fresher for longer.

what packaging is most environmentally friendly? why?

i think cardboard or paper are the most environmentally friendly because it breaks down more easily than other packaging such as plastic, also because you can reuse it for craft projects or other things.

which packaging is the least environmentally friendly? why?

I think that plastic film is the least environmentally friendly type of packaging because it is a very strong plastic which makes it harder to break down unlike cardboard or paper.


100WC week #35 2014

“Oh my god” said my friend “I got in, I got in to gateway” she screamed again while running around the living room. it was a cold, black rainy day, but to my friend Chelsea it was the best day ever. “I cant believe I got in” Chelsea said, Chelsea had wanted to go to gateway ever since she was five, she had waited 6 years and now she has finally made it. “congrats” I said enthusiastically, “chelsea your mum just called its time for you to go home” said my mum “well I better go” said Chelsea “see ya” I said “bye” she replied.